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Customer Spotlight - John Greenleaf Whittier Middle School

One of On The Stage’s greatest triumphs is empowering clients to control their own creative destinites. By partnering with On The...

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Tags: school theatre, production, client spotlight,

Introducing On The Stage’s Spotlight Superstars Yearbook

It’s no secret that On The Stage exists – and thrives – thanks to the amazing and hard working theatre community around the...

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Tags: school theatre, resources, client spotlight

Back to Theatre Basics at Notre Dame High School

When sudden social distancing requirements made opening night impossible, Sarah Kane quickly adjusted with a "yes, and..."...

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Tags: school theatre, client spotlight, streaming

New Surry Theatre Connects Art and Life in an Age of Social Distancing

Like dedicated theatre makers do, the staff at New Surry Theatre in Blue Hill, Maine, made the best of pandemic protocols to...

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Tags: client spotlight, streaming

Adapting Artfully to the Times at Asheville Community Theatre

Established in 1946, Asheville Community Theatre isn't just the oldest continuously operating theater in the city, it's also one...

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