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Show Time! Planning for a Successful Production

Planning and executing a successful theatre production is no joke, and certainly no easy task. Right as you feel you’ve gotten a...

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23 Improv Games to Refresh Your Actors After Break
The dredges of early January can be hard to shake – after so much food, fun, and celebration, you may find it difficult to get...
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2022 Curtain Call: This Year in Broadway

As we wave goodbye to 2022, it’s time to take a look back at the major milestones, triumphs, and losses that the world of theatre...

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Set Strike: What to Keep and What to Toss

So you’ve wrapped up another successful show at your theatre. Congrats! Now’s time for the fun part (ha!) – cleaning off that...

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Period Pieces: How to Stay in Budget for Set and Costume

If you’re currently at work planning a holiday show, it very well may be a period piece. And while these showcases are a blast to...

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Combating Ableism: How to Make Your Program More Inclusive

Ali Stroker made history as the first person in a wheelchair to win a Tony for her performance as Ado Annie in Rodgers &...

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Inspiring Leaders: Native American Heritage Month

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

A very happy Native American Heritage Month to you, theatre-makers! Native Americans...

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Sold Out! Our Guide to Filling Your Auditorium

One of a theatre-makers main goals should always be creating a great show, of course, but what about getting eyes on that show?...

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11 Hot Tips to Get Businesses to Sponsor Your Production

Seeking out and gaining sponsorships for your productions is a great way to set your show up for success. But finding these...

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Why Your Production Needs a Show Site

You’re working hard on your newest production, and now it’s time to think about promoting and sell tickets. If you're not sure...

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