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Theatre kids in their show t-shirts
Growing Young Theatre Makers Series: Student Production Team

As theatre educators, it's easy to focus upon the acting aspects of drama education. After all, it is the main draw. But...

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Where To Promote Your Next Production

As summer and nicer weather approaches, so do the possibilities of getting back to something resembling normal....

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How To Talk To Your Administration About On The Stage

For school theatre educators, securing a portion of the school’s operating budget can be challenging. As arts funding is...

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How to Optimize Your Theatre Organization's Online Presence

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, it wasn't enough to simply hang posters and rely on word of mouth promotion for your...

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7 Plays that Put African American Stories Center Stage

As a director, dealing with prejudice and injustices from the African American perspective isn’t easy. While these issues are...

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How to Promote Your Online Performance in 3 Easy Steps

Remember posters and flyers? You'd hang them in the hallways and around town in the time-honored tradition of generations of...

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Pandemic Theatre: How to Program for Your Drama Department During COVID-19

Considering the state of things, it's entirely likely that theatre makers will continue to face the challenge of how to...

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Small Cast, Big Production: 10 Great Shows for Just a Few Actors

Whether you're staging your show in a traditional theatre space or producing online for a remote audience, there can be many...

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6 Action Steps to Increase Ticket Sales

We may produce a show for the love of theatre itself, but come opening night there had better be an audience or all that...

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Growing Young Theatre Makers: Student Playwrights

In part one of the Growing Young Theatre Makers series, we looked at ways that theatre educators can nurture the talent and...

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