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Three Key Things Many Theatres Lack And How On The Stage Can Help

Time. Tools. Money. Theatres never seem to have enough. But does that have to be the case? Let’s take a look at each of these...

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Tags: resources, fundraising

How To Secure New Equipment for Your Theatre Department

Whether you’re upgrading old equipment or starting from scratch, purchasing new equipment can be a pain point for theatre...

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Tags: school theatre, resources

What Your Community Theatre Can Learn From Shakespeare’s Work During a Pandemic

One of the amazing things about Shakespeare is that he continues to be a playwright for all times. And these pandemic times...

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Tags: school theatre, resources, how-to

Seven TYA Plays to Produce This School Year

If you’re looking for fun and familiar plays for your TYA students, we’ve got you covered.    

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Tags: school theatre

Why Theatre Professionals Should Learn Streaming Technologies

In the great digital theatre pivot of the past year and a half, theatres were thrust into using a technology that was probably...

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Tags: production team, resources

How To Get Started With Theatre Grants in 7 Easy Steps

Grants are a great way to help finance your theatrical productions and supplement the income from ticket sales, but if you...

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Tags: school theatre, how-to

Why Theatre Leaders Should Care About Marketing

Theatre leaders: it’s time for some real talk. Marketing is crucial to the success of your company and is not something that...

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Tags: marketing

Introducing The On The Stage Fundraising Suite

A Letter from Ryan Bush, OTS President

Dear theatremakers, 

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Tags: fundraising

Nine Plays Your High School and College Students Will Love To Perform

High school and college are hard, but theatre doesn’t have to be. As you’re planning your play selections for the academic...

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Tags: school theatre

6 Benefits Of Hybrid Theatre Productions

Back in March of 2020, streaming theatre performances seemed like a necessary evil. The pandemic hit the performing arts very...

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